CTL Capital Commits $150mm for Two Forward Credit Tenant Lease Financings for Veteran’s Affairs Medical Facilities

CTL Capital recently closed on two forward-commitment, permanent CTL financings for to-be-built Veteran’s Affairs outpatient clinics in Eugene, Oregon, and Fayetteville, Virginia. The long-term lease-backed bond financings totaled approximately $150,000,000 and were privately placed by CTL Securities LLC, a broker-dealer affiliate of CTL Capital.

CTL Capital continues its industry leading position in Government lease financing, having closed over $1 billion in CTL financing for the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs in the last 24 month. As the VA continues its strategic goal of improving the quality and accessibility of health care, benefits, and services available to our Veterans it has experienced significant growth in its medical system payload, treating an increasing number of patients over the past several years. Developers selected to execute the VA’s expansion have found CTL Capital’s financing an efficient and flexible way to finance the construction of these projects.