Government Lease Financing

Government Lease Financing is a particular area of focus and expertise for CTL Capital, especially with regards to Federal Lease Financing.

Government Leases at the Federal, State, and Municipal level are notorious for their complexity. CTL Capital has decades of experience underwriting and structuring loans to properly account for the unique challenges government leases present, repeatedly providing our clients access to capital markets to finance these projects.
The numbers speak for themselves – CTL Capital has provided over $15 billion worth of CTL loans for projects leased by Federal, State, and Municipal governments.

Federal Lease Financing

Federal Leases in the US are contracted via two primary entities – the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the General Services Administration (GSA) which manages the leasing for the majority of non-VA departments and agencies of the Federal Government.

GSA Lease Financing

The GSA contracts the majority of the non-VA leases for federal agencies. GSA leases are typically modified gross leases that present certain challenges and require a careful underwriting as they can be surprisingly unique depending on the specific department or agency occupying the space.
CTL Capital has provided credit tenant lease financing of more than $9.75 billion for 100+ GSA leased properties, covering a wide range of federal department and agency tenants some examples of which can be found here

Veterans Affairs Lease Financing

CTL is proud to have partnered with numerous developers and property owners nationwide to provide permanent and construction financing in an aggregated amount of over $2.75 billion for projects secured by leases at over 50 Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals, outpatient clinics (OPC), and community-based outpatient clinics (CBOC) for new and existing facilities serving our country’s veterans.

State and Municipal Lease Financing

Similar to Federal Leases, many state, county, and other municipalities carry an investment grade credit rating which makes them attractive candidates for credit tenant lease financing.
These leases can have a wide variance in terms and require careful evaluation and structuring for a credit tenant lease loan, but when eligible they can present efficient capitalization opportunities for owners, purchasers, and developers.